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Convocatòries internacionals

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Convocatòria de projectes per a Europa Creativa

Data de termini de presentació: 23 de febrer de 2023

  • Data de publicació: 21 de novembre de 2022

    Data de realització: 21 de novembre de 2022


    Us adjuntem més informació en anglès sobre aquesta convocatòria.

    This call will support projects to carry out a broad spectrum of activities and initiatives involving artists and stakeholders active in different cultural and creative sectors.

    With a budget of €60 million, the action will foster cooperation between organisations active in the culture field, to increase the European dimension of creation and circulation of European artistic content as well as to encourage the development, experimentation, dissemination or application of new and innovative practices.

    The deadline for applications is 23 February 2023.


    European cooperation projects are open to all the cultural and creative sectors. However, considering that this action is part of the Culture Strand of the Programme, projects with exclusive audiovisual content and/or exclusively composed of organisations from the audio-visual sector are not eligible to apply.

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