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Convocatòries internacionals

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Convocatòria per mostrar espectacles a la Kulturbörse de Freiburg

Data de termini de presentació: 8 de juliol de 2022

  • Data de publicació: 2 de juny de 2022

    Data de realització: 22 de gener de 2023

    Població: Freiburg

    País: Alemanya


    Us adjuntem informació en anglès sobre aquesta convocatòria:

    Interested artists can apply for a live performance for the 35th Internationale Kulturbörse 2023 from 22 - 25 January 2023 and exhibition stands can be booked.

    ✓ The IKF Homepage will take you to the application portal where you can apply for a showcase for the 35th IKF 2023.
    ✓ In order to apply for a live performance, you first need to register with the IKF-Lounge. This supplement step enables you to store the entries in the form and continue/finish at a later moment. If you have already registered last year, you can use the same login for the IKF-Lounge.

    ✓ Information on the terms and conditions for showcases can be found in the participation conditions on the homepage.
    ✓ Please note that the performance fee of 336,00 € (net, plus VAT, Corona special discount, regular fee 420,00 €) will only be due if the artists/groups have been selected for a showcase and have bindingly confirmed their participation.
    ✓ Artists who have been accepted for the 34th IKF 2022, which unfortunately had to be cancelled, will not automatically be accepted for the 35th IKF 2023. They have to apply again.

    ✓ The application deadlines for the individual segments are as follows:
    Performing Arts & Music: 8 July 2022
    Street Theatre (Performances & Walk Acts): 15 September 2022

    If you have any questions about live performances, please contact Melanie Schmidt, melanie.schmidt@fwtm.de, Tel.: +49 761 3881 3525.

    You are also welcome to book a fair stand via our homepage right now.
    If you have any questions about the exhibition segment, please contact Fiona Wieber, fiona.wieber@fwtm.de; Tel.: +49 761 3881 3521.

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