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Flying Carpet Festival 2022 (voluntariat) - Turquia (fins el 25 de febrer)

Data de termini de presentació: 25 de febrer de 2022

  • Data de publicació: 27 de gener de 2022

    Data de realització: 19 de setembre de 2022

    Població: Mardin

    País: Turquia


    Us adjuntem més informació en anglès sobre aquesta convocatòria, tingueu en compte que es basa en el VOLUNTARIAT.

    Flying Carpet Festival 2022 will occur between September 15th-25th, 2022 in Mardin, Turkey and in surrounding cities and villages. The open call will be open until the end of February but we urge you to apply as soon possible.

    If you are selected, you will be provided with an interview time slot through which you will have a one-to-one talk with the Artistic Director of the festival through online means. Out of hundreds of applications every year, only 10-15 artists are selected to be included in our artist lineup.

    Please read the terms and conditions mentioned at the bottom of the APPLICATION FORM carefully. Every music performance will be choreographed with dance or circus acts and the program of the festival will be put together in a unified format by the Artistic Director.

    The rehearsals will occur in the first three days after your arrival (September 16th-18th) and the actual performances start on the 19th. There are individual pre-rehearsed pieces which will be selected by the Artistic Director, however group performances are rehearsed in the aforementioned first three days. This is by design and we would like our performers to experience group improvs and performing music with our local artists through emotional channels and not through pre-written music. Flight tickets, housing, food, transportation and logistics are provided by Her Yerde Sanat Dernegi (Sirkhane).

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