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Convocatòries internacionals

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Números per a la Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg

Data de termini de presentació: 22 d'octubre de 2021

  • Data de publicació: 18 de maig de 2021

    Data de realització: 18 de maig de 2021

    Població: Freiburg

    País: Alemanya


    Us deixem informació en anglès sobre la convocatòria de números per a la International Kulturboerse Freiburg:

    Let the show begin – present your act live on the IKF stages!

    For 34 years now, the culture and events scene has been meeting each year at the Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg – to stay informed, to share ideas, to network, and above all else: to discover new artists!

    While some 400 exhibitors present the latest developments in the culture and event industry in the exhibition halls, as an artist you have several stages at your disposal where you can attract interest in your artistic projects with short performances in front of an audience of about 5,000 trade visitors.

    The programme is wide-ranging – and is divided into three fields:

        Performing Arts (theatre, acrobatics, variety, storytelling, cirque nouveau, cabaret, comedy, puppet theatre, pantomime, dance, media art...)
        Music (world music, jazz, a cappella, singer-songwriter, pop, rock…)
        Street Theatre (performances and walk acts)

    Conditions of participation

     1. What is a short performance?

    A short performance or "showcase" is a live performance of maximum 20 minutes duration at one of the available venues / on one of the available stages.

    The aim is to give the audience of industry professionals as thorough an impression as possible of your current production, to pique the curiosity of the event promoters and convince them of the merits of your artistic work.

    Note on walk acts: Artists / groups in this category can present their walk act production at set times (generally once per day) in the foyer and the central foyer. The stages are not available for these performances. All of the other regulations are the same.
    2. What are the conditions?

    A fee for the short performance applies for the artists / groups; the performance fee in all three fields (performing arts, music, street theatre [performances and walk acts]) is € 336.00 plus VAT. (one-time Corona special discount, regular fee € 420.00)
    It is not payable until an Artist has been selected for a live appearance and her/his participation has been bindingly confirmed.

    The artist will be featured in IKF print products and on the homepage.

    Artists / groups appearing live at the 34th IKF 2022 will additionally have the opportunity to present their audition videos for up to three months in a login-protected area of the IKF homepage after the IKF has finished. This means that their showcases can still be seen by trade visitors even after the IKF.

    In case of changes or a cancellation of the IKF live on site due to an official regulation because of the corona virus, the artist will be contacted immediately and informed about possible alternative participation possibilities.

    Participation with a short performance also carries an obligation to book an exhibition stand: the artists / groups must be represented in the exhibition hall throughout the entire trade fair with their own stand or that of an agency.

    The exhibition stand must be booked separately as soon as confirmation of the short performance has been received (if not earlier). You can find further information here on booking a stand.

    Artists / groups who have confirmed their participation with a short performance undertake to guarantee their availability on all days of the Kulturbörse at least until the exact performance times have been announced.

    If a confirmed short performance is cancelled by the artist/the group or their agency, a cancellation fee shall apply.

    In the event of cancellation of a short performance due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic (e.g. illness of the artist(s) with Covid-19 at the time of the IKF; travel restrictions in case the artists comes from an area/country classified by the German Foreign Office, BMG and BMI as a risk area/country with regard to Covid-19 at the time the IKF takes place and the artists would therefore have to be quarantined in order to enter Germany or to travel back to his/her country of origin) the payment of the cancellation fee is waived.

    Cancellation by:
    31.10.2021: 50 % of the performance fees
    30.11.2021: 75 % of the performance fees

    Cancellation after
    01.12.2021: 100 % of the performance fees

    Artists / groups who have confirmed their participation with a short performance are committed to guaranteeing their availability on all days of the Kulturbörse, at least until the exact performance schedule is announced. Cancellation fees shall apply without exception in the event of cancellation of a short performance following confirmation.

    3. How can I apply? And then what?

    Applications are generally open to all artists/groups in the fields of performing arts, music and street theatre (performances and walkabout acts). As few to no public events have taken place since March 2020 due to the corona pandemic, it is not an application requirement for a public performance and the première of the submitted show to have taken place before close of applications.
    The only prerequisite is that the artist/the group can, before the deadline for applications, demonstrate at least one public performance with the production with which they are applying. The public performance and the premiere of the submitted production must have taken place before the deadline for applications.

    At least three years must elapse between two IKF performances. Those artists who received a slot for a short appearance at the 33th IKF 2021 originally planned as live on site – regardless of whether they were present at the IKF.digital with a video or not - can apply anew for the 34th IKF.

    Applications are accepted online only via the application form. For the fields performing arts and music by 09 July, for street theatre (performances & walk acts) by 15 September of each year.

    After the deadline for applications, selection committees in each genre hold a session to select the artist/groups – including a waiting list – for the forthcoming IKF. The members of the selection committee are industry professionals (event promoters, artists, media representatives, etc.) and change each year. The decisions of the selection committees are final.

    The artist/groups will be notified once a decision has been reached (artists and/or groups in the fields of performing arts and music by the end of August, applicants in the field of street theatre by mid-October of each year). Artists/groups who receive a place on the waiting list will be informed at short notice as soon as an opportunity for a short performance arises.

    Scheduling of the individual short performances will take place at a later date in consultation with the technical staff. The exact performance schedule will be announced by the end of October.
    4. Application materials

    You can provide all of the necessary information for your application in the online application form, including video links and promotional material. It is generally not necessary to send any other documents.

    If you do not have all of the documents in digital form, you can also send them to us by post. You will receive the mailing address together with confirmation of receipt after completing your online application.

    Important! Notes on video material:

    The video material is the most important application document for selection of the short performances. Please make absolutely sure that the image and sound are available at all times and in good quality.

    Applications in the field of performing arts or street theatre require coherent video sequences depicting entire scenes. Edited trailers and interviews are not very relevant for the panel of judges.

    For applications in the field of music, please send only video excerpts with the line-up with which you are applying for the IKF. Please choose only recordings which are no more than two years old.
    5. What is the technical framework?

    Several professionally equipped stages are available in the exhibition halls during the IKF.

    The productions submitted must be able to be realised on the available stages.

    The available stage equipment may be supplemented as required if it lacks the necessary technical capability. The costs shall be borne by the artist/the group. If technical requirements cannot be met, the organiser, Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe GmbH & Co. KG (FWTM) reserves the right to bar artists/groups from taking part, even if they have already been selected.

    Walkabout acts can move around in the foyer and the entrance hall – not in the exhibition halls! – at set times. No technical equipment is provided here. The final decision on whether a production is defined as a walk act (foyer, entrance hall) or as a street theatre performance rests with the FWTM.
    6. What is the procedure for the short performances?

    All of the artists/groups receive ONE performance slot during the IKF (exception: walk acts).

    Stage allocation, duration of the short performance (max. 20 minutes) and the running order of the short performances will be determined by the FWTM, in consultation with the technical staff. Special wishes regarding the performance day, the performance time or the performance venue cannot be taken into account.

    Important: There are no normal soundcheck times at the IKF. The soundcheck time is generally 10 minutes. Any requests in this regard must be discussed with and approved by the technical staff prior to the IKF.