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Directory of Professionals

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  • La Industrial Teatrera La Industrial Teatrera

    La Industrial Teatrera

    Jaume Navarro Fonts

    Profession: Artist, Shows Director, Trainer

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  • La Maleta dels Espectacle La Maleta dels Espectacles

    La Maleta dels Espectacle

    Alina Ventura Ramírez

    Profession: Artístic agent

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  • La Salima ArtMove-Studio Company

    La Salima

    Salima Anita Peippo

    Profession: Artist, Impresario, Trainer, Dresser

    Disciplines: Circus disciplines without equipment, Aerial acrobatics, Other genres, Aerial Ring, Vertical Rope, Dance, Hula Hoop, Trampoline, Chinese Pole, Aerial Silks, Double Trapeze, Static Trapeze , Stilts

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