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Directory of Professionals

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  • Fabrizio Giannini Companyia de Circ "eia"

    Fabrizio Giannini

    Fabrizio Giannini

    Profession: Artist, Choreographer, Trainer, Producer

    Disciplines: Floor acrobatics, Quick Change, Dance, Magic, Hand to Hand, Drama

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  • Fernando Jorge Melki Los 2 Play

    Fernando Jorge Melki

    Fernando Jorge Melki

    Profession: Artist

    Disciplines: Other circus disciplines without equipment

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  • Ferran Orobitg Ferran Orobitg

    Ferran Orobitg

    ferran orobitg anglarill

    Profession: Artist, Shows Director, Trainer

    Disciplines: Dance, Juggling, Clown, Drama, Stilts

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    isaac dominguez falguera

    Profession: Artístic agent, Artistic Director of events and/or facilities, Producer

    Disciplines: Floor acrobatics, Circus disciplines without equipment, Aerial acrobatics, Acrobatics with (circus) apparatus, Other aerial acrobatics, Other circus disciplines without equipment, Other genres, Dance, Balancing, Hula Hoop, Magic, Games ICAR, Juggling, Mime, Clown, Chinese Pole, Cyr Wheel, Drama, Aerial Silks, Swinging Trapeze, Double Trapeze

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  • Fills de Fusta Fills de Fusta

    Fills de Fusta

    Thomas Berger

    Profession: Artist, Musician

    Disciplines: Clubs, Unicyclism, Clown, Drama, Hand Balancing

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  • Fira de Circ al Carrer Associació Fira de Circ al Carrer de la Bisbal d'Empordà

    Fira de Circ al Carrer

    Gemma Jordi Piedra

    Profession: Producer

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