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Maria Palma

  • Company: Madame Gaüc
  • Name: Maria Palma Borràs
  • Profession:Artist, Trainer, Musician
  • Disciplines:Acrobatics with (circus) apparatus, Teeterboard, Dance, Balancing, Hand to Hand, Drama, Hand Balancing
  • Current spectacles

    Fil, Cia. Madame Gaüc (2018)

    Estat d'Emergència, Producció Nacional de Circ (2020)

  • Province: Barcelona
  • Email: palmaborras(ELIMINAR)@gmail.com
  • Web: en construcció
Maria Palma


In my first memories there are no cell phones or internet, but playing in the street and ringing the bells of friends in the neighborhood. I am the daughter of a Catalan teacher and an Andalusian publicist and a lover of water sports and music. After studing a degree in Sports and Physical Activity Sciences I fell in love with turning body movement into a form of expression; detonating to delve into the world of the Circus. My circus specialization is Teeterboard and Partner acrobatics, putting myself in front of my fears.

I have been recently part of several shows such as Dioptries, by Toti Toronell company, Mans a l'Òpera, production of the Petit Liceu or Oopart, by Tresperté company.

Shows on tour: Fil, own creation with the Madame Gaüc company and Estat d'Emergència, of the National Circus Production of Catalonia.

Qualities on stage: elegant, tender and fun.

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