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Yldor Llach

  • Company: Hand to Bike
  • Name: Yldor Llach
  • Profession:Artist
  • Disciplines:Floor acrobatics, Circus disciplines without equipment, Acrobatics with (circus) apparatus, Other circus disciplines without equipment, Cycling, Balancing perch, Balancing, Clubs, Juggling, Hand to Hand
  • Current spectacles

    Hand to Bike Especacle Complert:
    40' Ma a ma i bicicleta acrobatica. Espectacle interactiu, leuger, amb un alt nivell tècnic i un toc d'humor.

    Hand to Bike Bicicleta acrobàtica:

    15' amb bicicleta acrobatica, acrobacies al terra i humor. Molt original.

    Hand to Bike Mà a mà:

    15' de mà a mà, acrobacies al terra i humor. Alt nivell tècnic. Disponible per a espais petits (amb alçada minima)

  • Province: Lleida
  • Email: yldor(ELIMINAR)@hotmail.com
  • Web: http://yldor.plisweb.com
Yldor Llach


The Professional duo Hand to Bike started as street performers presenting their show in Quebec City in 2012. Maxime Poulin, Canadian Champion 2012 in artistic cycling and Yldor Llach, general porter at the National Circus School in Montreal are the 2 partners in Hand to Bike and the result is flabbergasting.

The goal is to merge the acrobatic bicycle and hand to hand, hence the name "Hand to bike." This alliance made a dynamic, entertaining and light show at the center of which the happiness and the complicity of two friends is palpable. This is what has allowed them to implement a performance that adapts to all publics and all types of events.

On the occasion of the event, Hand to Bike can create a special version of the show linked to the thematic of the event. From vintage aesthetic to modern circus, you have the chance to see spectacular circus feats such as hand to hand, freestyle bike and clowning.

This is an opportunity not to be missed!

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