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Marta Serena

  • Company: SERENDIPITY
  • Name: Marta Serena Jasse
  • Profession:Artist, Shows Director, Trainer
  • Disciplines:Aerial acrobatics, Other genres, Diabolo, Juggling, Drama, Aerial Silks, Static Trapeze
  • Current spectacles

    Numeros de Trapeci:

    * Pantalons (solo - 10 min - clown tragicòmic)

    * 1% (duo - 10 min - clown reivindicatiu)

    * Lords of the War  (solo - 7 min - dramatic)

    Moderacions a la carta

  • Province: Barcelona
  • Email: pallassarosi(ELIMINAR)@gmail.com
  • Web: https://www.facebook.com/rosipallassa/?fref=ts
Marta Serena


Actress, pedagog and trapezist, born in Barcelona.

I've been  learning, training, playing and working in Europe since 1995 (Catalunya, Spain, France, Deutschland, die Schweiz, Österreich)

Formation at: Col.legi de Teatre de Barcelona, TuT Schule - Hannover, Hangar des Mines - França, VÜSCH - Berlin, Gente Colgada - Barcelona, entre d'altres.

What I currently offer:

* Workshops, Projekts and Courses in Circus, Theater and Aerials (Trapeze and Tissue) Tallers i Cursos de Circ  i d'Aeris (Trapeci / Tela) at beginners and intermediate levels for children, teens and youth.

* Direction or Co-direction of Cirus & Theater shows, performances and presentations for children and teens groups.

* Moderations of varietés and presentations in my clown figure: Rosi.

* Trapeze solo  / duo performances for adults in different genres and colours: tragikomisch, clown, drama...

All my workshops and performances are  aviable in the following languages: catalan, spanish, german, english (basic), french (basic)

I am and work as "Freetime-groups-leader" / Gruppenleiterin / Moinitora de Lleure and have absolved de correspondent formation by Generalitat de Catalunya. Thereupon I have my Groups Leader Licence

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