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RUDO is about people have lived with roughness, physical effort and personal challenges taken to and absurd extreme.

In the show, a rough man creates towers and figures with heavy wooden boxes. The fragile constructions where he climbs, to do precarious balancing acts, are the result of desire and illusion.

The live music (violin and cello) is a lyrical contrast to the titanic effort of the character, who grunts, sweats and does not flag in his delirium.

In Rudo the spectator is trapped inside an intimate space, in a wooden set which appears to be about to fall, (as is the main character with his balancing tricks). This proximity to the stage invites us to share the dangers and the longing for life.

Rudo is a spectacle intimate, precarious, risky and tender. 

Specification sheet (PDF 372 Kb)

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