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  • Company: Cia. Du'K'tO
  • Director: Pau Portabella
  • Number of artists: 3
  • Artists: Bàrbara Vidal Pascual Bernat Messeguer Pérez Adrià Bauzà Soler
  • Duration: 30-45 min
  • Release date: 2018
  • Disciplines:Acrobatics on the groundOther sortsDanceBalancingHand to HandAcrobaticsHand Balancing
  • Public: All publics
  • Space:TheatreTentStreet
  • Live Music:
  • Contact: Bernat Messeguer
  • Telephone: +34600230675
  • Email: duktocompany(ELIMINAR)@gmail.com
  • Web: www.duktocompany.com


The caress as a relational gesture: a sweet caress that sometimes hides feelings of frustration, a bitter caress that uncovers the sincerest feelings or a playful caress which can unfold into an infinity of adventures. The harmonic equilibrium between these accords and disaccords is what human relationships are made up of.

In Cafuné, two individuals fight to grow together via a game of manipulation, caresses and disagreements; together, but never losing the essential essence of each one, maintaining their own individuality. This coexistence leads to different situations, written using choreographic, circensian and theatrical language, with a musical score which reveals the roots of each of the actors.

Cafunéis an acrobatic duo promoted and performed by two components of Du’K’tO Company, Bernat Messeguer and Bàrbara Vidal, accompanied by live music from the Majorcan singer/songwriter Adrià Bauzà.

Being the company’s second project and continuing in the ambit of human relationships, the artists propose a sincere piece in which all audiences can feel themselves reflected: the difficult balance between two individuals that constitutes a relationship.

In spite of the simplicity of the plot, the piece stands out for the physicality of the two performers when representing the different states of a relationship, using their own language, which springs from a symbiosis between circus and dance. In this way, the acrobatics, the pair acrobatics and the handstands fuse with the choreography, all following a theatrical structure which breaks down the contemporary nature of the piece and makes it very close and personal.   

In order to achieve this artistic convergence, the project was created under the direction of Pau Portabella, specialist in physical theatre, and with the external choreographic overview of Laia Santanach.

Similarly, the original music becomes a fundamental pillar of the work, combining singer-songwriter songs (performed in Majorcan) with themes made up of experimental sounds and electronic music bases. The artist uses classic instruments such as the guitar and the piano, which they complement with other more traditional ones such as the rainstick, tambourine and the seed rattle.

With these components, Cafuné is characterised by being a multi-disciplinary show, of medium duration and suitable for all audiences; a project co-produced by Festival Circada, which counts with the support of the programme Haztegia 2017, OSIC and Illenc (ES).

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