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  • Company: ES
  • Director: Emiliano Sanchez Alessi - Eva Szwarcer
  • Number of artists: 2
  • Artists: Emiliano Sanchez Alessi Eva Szwarcer
  • Duration: 30-45 min
  • Release date: 2012
  • Disciplines:BallsAerial RingDanceClubsDrama
  • Public: All publics
  • Space:TheatreTentStreet
  • Live Music: No
  • Contact: Emiliano Sanchez Alessi
  • Telephone: 698829121
  • Email: es.compania(ELIMINAR)@gmail.com
  • Web: www.emilianoalessi.com


 Coreographique cirscus


In a desolate moor in the middle of a hostile and winter place, two characters will make the routine changing. Two custodians crossing, one entering and one leaving. One being confined and one that will be "free" again. A man and a woman. A meeting that will come out of the routine to address a path of personal recognition and curiosity about the other. "Igloo" an expresive dialogue that will provoke a story almost unknown for everyone between two beings.

   Through physical skills and absurd situations, the exchange guard will show those little issues, common to all situations, adorning everyday life.

  "Igloo" a cool moment, a man and a woman united by one simple aim , to care for the common territory.

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